About Almarwa


Youssef bin Abdullah EL-abayed

General Manager.

General Manager words

Welcome to Siwak El Marwa website, one of Tyba factory products, the largest factory in the world in Siwak production.
Success Brings Success; our success story has helped us expand our business locally and globally.
Our dream began under the concept of a billion Siwak billion Muslims.
Our mission was not only to produce Siwak at the highest level of quality but to spread and adhere to Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
We have a team of qualified managers and technicians who are committed to the principle of high quality and full care for our customers.
I would like to take pride in these efforts that enabled the factory to be the first in the production of SewaK globally, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers and partners for their continued support to us.
Twenty years of experience in which we have encountered all the difficulties that companies are going through on their way to prosperity, but thanks to Allah we have succeeded in achieving our goal.
General Manager.
Youssef bin Abdullah EL-abayed

The largest miswak factory in the world

Siwak Al Marwa one of Tyba factory products, we provide customer service through a marketing team inside and outside Saudi Arabia as well as many agents in the Arab countries, the European market, and East Asia

4000000Siwak per year
20Years of experience

Modern medicine and siwak

Several medical companies have been preparing the toothpastes from the roots of the Arak tree without the addition of any other chemicals that may have some side effects, which confirms the presence of substances that kill harmful germs that cause gingivitis and tooth decay in this Pastes.

Shari'ah Ruling of Sewak

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Were it not that it would be too difficult for my Ummah (nation), I would have commanded them to use the tooth-stick at every time of prayer.'”

Ruling of siwak

Sewak is an authentic Sunnah narrated about the Prophet (peace be upon him) since the Prophet (peace be upon him) urged, used to use and called for using the sewak and counted it as one of the qualities of nature.

Definition of siwak

The siwak ( miswak ) is a natural toothbrush. It is often mentioned that the prophet Muhammad himself recommended its use. It is typically made from the twigs of the Salvadore Persica tree